Charter Flight Pro

Charter Flight Pro is a software application used by Airline Charter Companies traveling to Cuba.

This software application is designed to keep flight records and seat availability per agency and flight. This program is composed of three different modules.

  • The first module is the main office application that manages flight reservations, flight destinations, flight control, agency control, accounts receivable, and reports.
  • The second module is the agencies’ remote module which permits the agencies to connect remotely allowing them to add reservations and print reports for their agency.
  • The third module is the airport check-in application which allows the charter company to check-in the flight at the airport. This module is connected to a passport scanner to verify the traveler’s information.

This software has the capability to generate the APIS Report and Airlines Report, according to the industry’s requirements. It can generate accounting reports for travel taxes and fees. The accounts receivable module easily controls balance due and collection control for revenue.

This software is frequently updated during the year to keep up with the latest changes required by the industry.